San Francisco Youth Theatre
SFYT Racial Equity Statement





San Francisco Youth Theatre is part of San Francisco's vibrant and racially diverse community. We acknowledge that racism has been and continues to be a barrier to BIPOC students, families, and staff. As an organization, SFYT recognizes the urgent need to elevate our efforts, within and outside our institution, to dismantle systemic oppression. As individuals who have devoted their lives to the arts, our staff endeavors to continuously learn, accept responsibility, and support the ongoing journey for racial justice and social equality. Fully-accessible youth arts experiences provide a vital source of education and creativity, as well as a path to healing and repair.

SFYT acknowledges the performing arts industry's role in systemic racial, social, and economic inequalities. Our mission compels us to correct those disparities though the following commitments:

  • Provide fully-accessible programming with focused outreach to low-income BIPOC youth who have limited access to high quality arts education.
  • Develop and sustain an anti-racist program curriculum.
  • Offer materials and programming in students' home languages, including ASL.
  • Work with BIPOC artists to develop projects designed to amplify the voices and arts practices of BIPOC youth.
  • Strengthen inclusive hiring practices.
  • Provide living wages for teaching artists and performers.
  • Cultivate leadership and Board of Directors to reflect SFYT’s student population.
  • Confront internal biases by engaging in ongoing training, reading, and discussion about anti-racist practices.
  • Listen to the voices of our community and respond quickly to racism and anti-Blackness.
  • Be mindful of organizational culture and the large and small decisions we make every day.

SFYT is dedicated to being an agent of equity and justice, empowering youth to tell their stories and demand change. We commit to upholding anti-racist and anti-oppressive practices, offering the community an equitable arts space where diversity is embraced and celebrated.