San Francisco Youth Theatre
Puppet Theatre Workshop (gr. 2-5)
Online (location info)
Saturday, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
10/17/20 - 11/07/20 (4 weeks)


Students will create their own fantastic puppets using found objects and things from the natural world. What do you have in your house that could be transformed into a puppet and given a personality? The workshop will culminate in a wonderful and surprising performance for friends and family. Each student will have a chance to develop their skills as a visual artist, grow as an actor and stretch their imagination. Puppetry is one of the oldest and most popular art forms and a great way for young people to experiment with voices, emotions, self-expression, theater magic and humor. 

Upcoming Meetings
10/17/20    10:00 AM Saturday 10/17/20 10:00 AM
10/24/20    10:00 AM Saturday 10/24/20 10:00 AM
10/31/20    10:00 AM Saturday 10/31/20 10:00 AM
11/07/20    10:00 AM Saturday 11/07/20 10:00 AM