Past Performances

SF Youth Theatre creates and produces original theatre productions that speak to the unique sensibilities of youth. 

          THE AFTERLIFE in Bosnia & Herzegovina 

NOVEMBER 2019. SFYT was invited to attend the Kestenburg Festival of International Student Theatre in Bosnia & Herzegovina. See our slide show of some of the wonderful events: performances, workshops, media publicity and beautiful Banja Luka. 

Written by Qui Nguyen

Performed by SFYT 415 Teen Ensemble

Directed by Leslie Price
Joshua Waterstone, Fight Choreography

An extravagant production which features an exploration of Dungeons and Dragons and lots of sword play. 

When Agnes discovers her sister Tilly's Dungeons and Dragons notebook, she finds herself on a journey of adventure and unmasked secrets. MAY 2020

The Emperor's New Clothes
Directed by Maica Folch & Dyana Diaz. 

Why is it bad to tell a lie? And how can you know when someone is telling the truth? 
MadCap Players takes on the question of the day by exploring this classic and fun tale of deception. SFYT created its own spin on the the story through improvisation, play creation, music and movement. MAY 2020

See our online Zoom Version!


SFYT's Teen Written and Directed ONE ACT FESTIVAL

Plays written and directed by:

Adam Cuadra, Zay Joseph, Alexander Lewis, Yasamin Marashi, Shaaravi & Daniel Antonio Vigil

Facilitated by Bianca Catalan & Dyana Diaz


A witches' coven influences the US election. A girl faces the aftermath of sexual assault. A Catholic priest faces his mortality. A wealthy doctor is called on to resuscitate a homeless man. A stranger arrives at a train station. One-act plays written by amazing SFYT teens as they contemplate the issues of their world through theatre. MAY 2019

by Stven Dietz
Directed by Maica Folch & Sally Davis

Still Life With Iris is a fantastical adventure which centers on a little girl's search for the simplest of things: home. When Iris' coat is taken from her, she loses the memory of her past. The only clue that remains is a single button, which, with the help of friends, helps her find her way home. 
APRIL 2019


Based on the book by Gennifer Choldenko

Adapted by David Bareford

Directed by Lauren Unbekant

Sound, Music and Sets by Emmett Van Slyke

A full-scale multimedia production about the families who worked and lived on Alcatraz during the 1930s. Teenaged Moose’s sister has autism, and no school will accept her as a student. When Moose seeks out the help of a notorious criminal inside the prison, he learns about the meaning of family love and true friends. MAY 2019

by Caitlin Parrish

Directed by Cliff Mayotte

San Francisco Youth Theatre is pleased to present the West Coast Premiere Caitlin Parrish’s The Burials. FEBRUARY 2018
Another day, another school shooting--only this time the shooter is the son of a prominent politician running for office. While daughter Sophie struggles with whether to support her father or reject his pro-gun stance, her classmates turn against her as they grieve the loss of their friends and their hope for the future.

The Burials takes a long, hard look at how high school youth affected by gun violence examine their place and value in the world. The play incorporates dynamic multimedia video and sound design as it examines social media’s role in the continuing debate about mass shootings.

MAPA@ Brava presents...
A musical inspired by the life of César Chávez 

Written by Charles Eurydice Gray & Lisa Quoresimo
Directed by Marcelo Pereira
with MAPA@Brava 

Performed by:
San Francisco Youth Theatre
Cuicacalli Escuela de Danza
Mariachi Juvenil La Misión 

Production Design by San Francisco Running Crew 

Inspired by the life of American civil rights leader Cesar Chavez, Between Dirt & Sky fuses the early events of the American farm labor movement with the personal struggles of those who lived it. Set on the cusp of great change and social upheaval, Between Dirt & Sky explores the psyche of a uniquely American leader whose story is inspirational to both those steeped in the lore of La Causa (the cause) and to those new to its discovery. APRIL 2018

SFYT's First Student Written and Directed One-Act Festival

It’s going down…

Eight SFYT playwrights have created a brilliant collection of one-act plays that tell stories of having an incarcerated parent, Black Lives Matter, the Beauty Standard, LGBT relationships, being an artist, and yes, our changing San Francisco. Directed, acted and produced by the playwrights. MAY 2017



A Bilingual coming of age story at the intersection of self-discovery and a changing Mission.

Written by Javier Hurtado
Directed by Gendell Hing-Hernandez

with MAPA@Brava
Performed by SFYT 415 Teen Ensemble & Cuicacalli.
Music by Emily Klion, George Brooks & Marcelo Pereira

Hope and the Mission is a bilingual coming-of-age story revolving around the young character Hope whose Mission District family finds themselves on the sidelines of a changing neighborhood and at odds with each other over generational differences. Alongside the theme of gentrification, the play examines cultural identity and gender fluidity through song, dance, and humor. APRIL 2017

The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. San Francisco 2016

Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Cliff Mayotte
Music by Schuyler Karr

San Francisco Youth Theatre is proud to present SFYT DREAM Ensemble in William Shakespeare’s classic tragedy, Hamlet. SFYT’s production is set against the backdrop of present day San Francisco, with Shakespeare's Danish monarchy transformed into tech giant 

HAMLET The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. San Francisco 2016.   Written by William Shakespeare Directed by Cliff Mayotte Performed by SFYT DREAM Ensemble Music by Schuyler Karr   San Francisco Youth Theatre is proud to present SFYT DREAM Ensemble in William Shakespeare’s classic tragedy, Hamlet. SFYT’s production is set against the backdrop of present day San Francisco, with Shakespeare's Danish monarchy transformed into tech giant This shortened version of focuses on the domestic tragedy of Hamlet: power, love, violence and loss. The live musical score adds a distinctly cinematic feel, complementing the play’s evocative language, beauty, and imminent dread. 

Book by Starhawk
Adapted and Directed by Sally Davis & Maica Folch 
Music by Emily Klion

How can a group of children magically save their forest when the grown-ups are against them? By listening to the dreams of a wise, wise woman of course. Performed by SFYT's Elementary Ensemble, MadCap Players. MARCH 2016



Directed by Paul Collins
with MAPA@Brava

Adapted by John Litten
Music by Maggie McKaig and Emily Klion
Musical Direction by Marcelo Pereira

Costumes by Susana Aragón
Sets and Lighting by SF Running Crew

Miquel de Cervantes' timeless Don Quixote is the comical and inspiring story of an iconic visionary who sees the world in a magical way. The story's colorful characters of Don Quixote, Sancho Panza, Dulcinea, knights in shining armor, puppets and dueling windmills have inspired audiences for centuries. Performed by SF Youth Theatre’s 415 Teen Ensemble. MAY 2016